Tip of the Day

#Tip01 When you follow proper habits of eating, proper digestion will happen. Body will take care of itself.

#Tip02 Eat when hungry, Don’t eat when not hungry. Number of meals in a day doesn’t matter, it can vary from day to day as our requirement of energy is different.

#Tip03 Pray/Thank God, Farmer, Supplier, Shopkeeper, Cook, Server, etc before eating

#Tip04 Wash hands, legs, & face before meal. This stimulates all organs. Use hand for eating. This is information for body what is the texture of the food, temperature, etc. Now body will produce enzymes accordingly

#Tip05 Eat with folded legs enables blood flow to stomach area, where it is required for digestion.

#Tip06 Chew with lips closed, mix nicely with saliva. Below throat food must go as paste. Most important of all points.

#Tip07 In a meal eat Sweet dish must be eaten first. Tongue converts taste into energy, sweet is the taste that digestive systems require.

#Tip08 All 6 tastes must be in a meal – sweet, salt, sour, bitter, pungent, astringent. Amla has all 6 tastes, after meal 1 amla can help balance out any missing taste. Spinach is 3 taste which we don’t normally eat sour, bitter, astringent.

#Tip09 Ont drink water during the meal. 30mins before & after 30mins the meal.

#Tip10 Think of food, while eating. Concentrating on other things can cause hiccups

#Tip11 Palm jaggery is rich in essential minerals. According to studies, it has 60 times more minerals than white sugar. It is also the storehouse of many vitamins. Palm jaggery is rich in iron, Its regular consumption increases hemoglobin level and treats anemia. Has Magnesium, that regulates the nervous system. It is equally rich in calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.

#Tip12 Palm jaggery works as a digestive agent. People take small serving of it after heavy meals to digestion the food. It activates the digestive enzymes.

#Tip13 Palm jaggery also cleans up your system. It cleanses the respiratory tract, intestines, food pipe, lungs, and stomach. It also helps to wipe out the toxins from the body, leaving you healthy and fit, skin glowing! Prevents Blood Diseases And Disorders

#Tip14 Palm jaggery has composite carbohydrates. It releases out energy if you consume it regularly. It means that you can stay fresh and active for hours after eating palm jaggery.

#Tip15 Cleansing techniques helps cleaning the body from within. This prevents from one type cancer. Jal Neti, is a simple technique to clean the lungs, & respiratory system.

#Tip16 Cleansing techniques – Oil Pulling. Take 1 spoon pure Gingely oil/Coconut oil gargle for 2min-20min n split. Cleaning tongue means clean body. Tongue is connected to different part of the body, the movement we taste something sour (like raw mango, tamarind) immediately we close eyes.

#Tip17 Cleansing techniques – Eye wash. Take a palm of water, open & close eye in that water. Repeat with other eye. This is a cleansing & strengthening technique.

#Tip18 Cleansing techniques – Enema. Cleaning intestines from inside.

#Tip19 Avoid extensive Physical exercise before/after meal. Exercise rushes blood to limbs, but for proper digest properly blood must be in stomach region.

#Tip20 There must be minimum 2 hours gap between meal, & sleep. To enable proper digestion.

#Tip21 After bath there must be a 45mins gap before a meal. After meal, there must be 2 hours gap before bath.

#Tip22 Digestion aids aka appetizers – Warm soup before meal (Europe), warm green tea after meal (China) – Not needed in India.

#Tip23 Don’t force eat, every morsel of food we force eat is going to be damaging for the body.

#Tip24 Mother/Father can serve food, other family members can eat. Then switch. Else focus of Mother/Father will be diverted towards who is eating/not eating properly. They will not concentrate on their own eating, chewing.

#Tip25 Copper & Earthen pots are natural water purifiers. Along with purifying they also enrich the water.

#Tip26 Earthen pots are alkaline, this transfer into the water. The more alkaline less the diseases, even cancer causing agents can’t survive in alkaline.

#Tip27 Earthen pots are Natural Water cooler, maintains right temperature. Fridge water is close 0C, when we give a human body of temperature 37C a water of 0C it is incompatible.

#Tip28 Sleeping with head in north direction is very bad. Earth has a North pole South pole, Our body also have North South, Above hip north, below hip south. When Our north & Earth’s north as same direct, our north being much smaller ripples, causing uneasiness lack of sleep. Head in South is best, Head is East or west is also fine.

#Tip29 Resting thoughts before Sleep is important for proper sleep.

#Tip30 It is better to sleep at night, Our biological cloak is set to Sun. When Sun is there work, When Sun sets rest.

#Tip31 Brushing teeth at night is more important, brushing in morning. Germs are more active when mouth is closed esp at night.

#Tip32 Cleansing techniques – Jal Neti. Is an effective method to clean phelm from lungs & prevent lung cancer.

#Tip33 Drinking Too much water, or Too less water causes Kidney stones.

#Tip34 Sleeping in room bereft of air circulation, and/or a room with mosquito coil/mosquito liquid can result in kidney stone.

#Tip35 Drinking alcohol is over load on kidney, resulting in kidney failure & kidney stone.

#Tip36 Rooms that don’t have windows/proper ventilation, can make use of exhaust fans. Exhaust fan on one wall, other slide a small opening. This will ensure air circulation happens.

#Tip37 Sleeping directly under a high speed fan, with not allow Carbon-dioxide to escape. That person will be deprived of oxygen.

#Tip38 Cooking mistakes – Pressure cooker – Due to higher pressure, water remains as a liquid at 120C inside the pressure cooker, resulting in molecular change. Due to this molecular change it is *NO* more a Food/water that body is compatible. Most of the diabetic patients would have had food from Pressure cooker.

#Tip39 Cooking mistakes – Microwave – Doesn’t increase temperature to heat the food, it passes certain waves, that create molecular friction result in heating of food. It is a unnatural way of heat/cooking food. Results in lot of diseases.

#Tip40 Cooking mistakes – Induction Stove – Similar to microwave,it pass certain wave to the food item, causing molecular friction. The utensil is not heated, but food is heat.

#Tip41 Cooking mistakes – Cooking in high flame kills the nutrients. Food must be cooked on low flame. Remember the more, the faster we cook lesser the nutrients.

#Tip42 Cooking mistakes – Avoid Aluminum utensils in cooking. Cooper, earthen are very good. Stainless steel is also fine.

#Tip43 Cooking mistakes – Avoid eating cooked food, ever single meal. Have raw fruits & vegetables, sprouted beans, salad as a meal.

#Tip44 Cooking mistakes – Avoid chillis, use black pepper. Pepper is very good for health. Helps in keeping Lungs & skin healthy.

#Tip45 Cooking – Raw coconut is very good source of HDL good fat(eg Coconut chutney). Cooked coconut loss HDL.

#Tip46 Cooking – Avoid white sugar, replace with Jaggery, Palm Jaggery, Honey.

#Tip47 Sunlight on the Deepavali day, and moon light on Chitira Poornami day is very beneficial for the body.

#Tip48 Rooms must have some light/night lamp at night. In day time there is Sunlight, at night there is Moonlight & star, human body is not meant to be in pitch dark any point in time.

#Tip49 There is a biological cloak in us, that is tuned to the Sun, when Sun is in sky we feel energetic and active, when sun sets we feel sleepy. But when one disturbs this cycle on a regular basis it leads to a lot of diseases.

#Tip50 Develop a sleep ritual, do the same set of activities, just before sleeping. It a way of communicating with the body, telling it to prepare for sleep. For eg., reading a book before going to bed, or resting thoughts meditation.

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