Proper Eating Habits


“When you follow these habits of eating, proper digestion will happen. Body will take care of itself.”

1. Eat when hungry, Dont eat when not hungry. Number of meals in a day doesn’t matter, it can vary from day to day as our requirement of energy is different.

2. Wash hands, legs, & face before meal. This stimulates all organs.

3. Pray/Thank God, Farmer, Supplier, Shopkeeper, Cook, Server, etc before eating

4. Use hand for eating. This is information for body what is the texture of the food, temperature, etc. Now body will produce enzymes accordingly

5. Eat with folded legs enables blood flow to stomach area, where it is required for digestion.

6. Chew with lips closed, mix nicely with saliva. Below throat food must go as paste. Most important of all points.

7. In a meal eat Sweet dish must be eaten first. Tongue converts taste into energy, sweet is the taste that digestive systems require.

8. All 6 tastes must be in a meal – sweet, salt, sour, bitter, pungent, astringent. Amla has all 6 tastes, after meal 1 amla can help balance out any missing taste. Spinach is 3 taste which we dont normally eat sour, bitter, astringent.

9. Don’t drink water during the meal. 30mins before & after 30mins the meal.

10. Think of food, while eating. Concentrating on other things can cause hiccups

11. Avoid extensive Physically exercise before/after meal. Allow food to digest properly.

12. After bath there must be a 45mins gap before a meal. After meal, there must be 2 hours gap before bath.

13. Hot soup before meal (Europe), hot green tea after meal (China) – Not needed in India.

14. Don’t force eat, every morsel of food we force eat is going to be damaging for the body.

15. There must be minimum 2 hours gap between meal, & sleeping.

16. Some people(Mother/Cook) can serve food, others can eat. Then switch. Else focus of parents or cook will be diverted towards who is eating/not eating properly.


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