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Vitality and Vigour are part of one thing called Immunity which boils down to good health. I lacked all of them for the most part in my childhood and my growing years.
I did not desire this but I had to bear it all. Mostly because of my own faults of not eating healthy foods and binging on manufactured foods. It is such a folly that I was targeting the taste buds rather than health. The day I realised I was wrong, I changed immediately. This didn’t help but worsened the situation still further.
Because, I was a theoretical health conscious person! Being devoted to God and staying vegetarian alone was in no way going to save me. It took me a good 15 more years to realise this. Want to know how? …read on. I won’t bore you. As far as possible, I will keep it concise and engaging for you to read.

When I was 19, I was suggested to immediately undergo an appendicitis operation as I had symptoms of severe and acute abdominal pain. Factors are many. I was not eating on time. I was not chewing food properly. I was not eating good foods. I was not enjoying my present life. I was too much concerned about what I must do in the coming years. These are a few things that were affecting me. I hated and avoided the operation but had no other alternative given the criticality of the situation and the limited knowledge of my surroundings and access to knowledgeable persons or sources at that time.

The operation got over but I was hell bent on changing my life in such a way that I don’t have to go to such a situation again, ever. I had the desire to lead a 100% medicine free/doctor free life, but no concrete structured plan yet! Reasons are aplenty. I did not have access to vital answers to my critical questions.

Everything was about to change as I sat in front of the computer with access to the internet. But then, what to search for? So, it took a good deal of years to figure out how to make best use of the internet apart from the usual email and careless browsing.

In 2004, I got a chance to work and stay in the US for some months. It is here, I realised how people are concerned about health and life safety. Medicines and medicines everywhere. For a moment, I got swayed away with that lifestyle. I was quick to wake up and realised that there is more to it than what it all appears to be. I got my formal initiation into google search there and gmail was new then! Now, I knew how to search and find what I wanted…only if it existed there!

By 2008, I was largely in a good shape when compared to all the early years. In 2009, I fell terribly sick with typhoid fever and refused to go to the hospital. My mother finally lovingly convinced me to get rid of this fever and once you are through, you be on your own terms. I had to agree. Truly, my mother was a great support system.
Once out of that, the next year, we entered into some chikungunya after a visit to a theme park. It was horrible. This time, I was again hell bent on not going to medicines world, but the mosquitoes had done the damage more than I could have imagined. We chose to visit a good homeopathic doctor and eventually it worked. It took some time, but we were back. I realised that oranges, grapes, pomegranates, papaya, apples, and all such things are really so good and tasty. I was hooked to fruits only to realise in 2013 that there is a huge element of toxins in them through the wrong way of cultivators.

In 2011-12, I got to watch a TV series in Kannada that would alter my life and whole thought processing system within. I thought that am getting set with perfect or best ideals by now, but I was severely challenged and had to rise up to find the real truth. This time, I was fully prepared to seek the truth in its entirety to the extent that I can assimilate.

I quit my job, I sold my house, I took my wife and child to a far off place and sought to live in a least polluted and green environment. Early 2012 to Early 2016, we did all that we could to alter our lives for the better.

I got introduced to the ill effects of drinking commonly available milk. We decided to give up such milk. We were not into tea-coffee or any such intoxicants on a regular basis, but milk was still being consumed. Now, we had to decide something about milk. It was then, I was exposed to a set of books by a naturopath who suggested alternatives to milk. We tried a few options and got hooked to groundnut milk. We prepared it and it was really tasty with jaggery syrup added to it. I drank well daily and eventually after 24-25 days, I encountered a strange fever that would not fall below 103-104 with all home or herbal remedies that I knew of. Normally, I have a practice of not going to any doctor or medication for the first 3 days of any fever attack. If that’s not subsided on the 4th day, I would go to someone whom I trusted. We are more interested in Homoeopaths since 1996 or slightly before.

The practitioner gave multiple doses to be taken intermittently but nothing worked. It was the 8th day. I was also thinking about why, how, and the causes for this fever. Finally, I realised what if the toxins from groundnuts (cultivated with pesticides and chemicals) milk have gone into my system in a concentrated form? I told the doctor about it. He changed the prescription. I was normal the next day. It took some more days to gain momentum, but the body was rid of fever and I was normal enough to do my daily activities…basically no more bed-ridden.

Moral of the story is communicate precisely what is happening to you while visiting any doctor. The doctor does not know anything until you open your mouth and tell properly. He/she will give some common medicines if you use common words for uncommon ailments.

Now, after this incident, we buckled up and now we are almost there and we feel proud and more than that we are happy…happier than before. We are now back in Bangalore to see how we fit into the same urban system that we went away from. There are some issues, largely because of dependencies and our immediate environments which we live in. But largely, I now clearly understand and appreciate that Happiness is directly proportional to another H word called HEALTH. And this health is definitely in our own hands, in our own thoughts, in our own control. The idea is “cause and effect”. What you cause, you must reap that effect. There is no escape route. Someone also said, ‘as you sow, so you reap’. It is a 100% practical phrase from all points of view and all departments of life.

This is my story till now in the health perspective. 🙂

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  1. Balavijay S says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience breakthrough moment Vikram. As you rightly said “Happiness is directly proportional to another H word called HEALTH.”

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