How to take care parents, elders in the family

  • There will always be a Mindset difference of people age 25-35 vs 50+
  • In ancient India it was handled with Vanaprasta stage
  • Elderly people must take up new targets after retirement for work and/or Kitchen
  • Suppressed Diseases backlog
  • Bone weakness in old age
  • Navane Foxtail Millet for improving nervous system
  • Memory games for elders can help

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The Wall

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#007/360 Millet Puttu

Note: Any Millet flour can be used. Best with Foxtail Millet Flour (Navane)
Preparation Time: 10mins
Cooking Time: 15mins
Soaking Time: -NA-
Serves: 2


1. 1 Cup Navane flour. If you have millet grain, use a mixer to make it into powder.
2. 1/2 Cup grated coconut
3. Water
4. Salt to taste

1. Fry the flour for 5mins in a fan. After that let it cool.
2. Sprinkle salt water on the flour.
3. Fill the flour in Puttu vessel. (optional add a layer of grated coconut in between Flour)
4. Steam cook for 10mins.
5. Eat with grated coconut+jaggery OR Chutney.


Where to buy Millets

Foxtail Millet (Navane)

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Benefits of drinking water stored in Earthen Pot


How to use Earthen Pot

Store water for hour 4 hours, Earthen pot is a natural filter, after 4 hours water is suitable for drinking. Optional tie a wet cloth around the pot cools faster. Earthen pot add natural minerals into the water, hence there is a change in taste. Earthen pot has many tiny pours, this allow little amount of water go out of the pot, this water makes the water inside pot cooler. Place a pot on a larger plate. Earthen pot are a must in Summer. Earthen pot can be used for cooking. For the 1st time store water for few hours, then throw it. Repeat 4-5times.


Benefits of using Earthen Pot

    1. Natural Water cooler, maintains right temperature. Fridge water is close 0C.
    2. Earthen pots are alkaline, this transfer into the water. The more alkaline our body it is better.
    3. Natural filter, no need for RO-UV filter. Store in earthen pot for 4 hours.
    4. Earthen pot water drinking can very well improve the level of testosterone in your body when compared water stored in plastic. 100% decomposable.



Home much to Consume

Drink when thirsty.


How to clean

Clean with plain water is enough, No need to use soap. Once in 6months replace.


Where to buy

Available in most old markets. There is a family that makes and sell earthen pots in Veerapalli street, in Shivajinagar. There is a company called Mitticool that makes pots, and utensils made of Clay.
Amazon link

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Healthy things you can buy online

Copper water Bottle



Cleansing Tools